Android Push Notifications – The easy way

Push notifications are a great way to keep your users connected to your brand/ application/ company. Send your offers, promos, event invites and all that you want to communicate with your users in general.

Well push notifications have been a developers dream for all platforms, today we will talk about push notifications in android. Few years back GCM and a web panel were the weapons of the choice to implement push notifications but the process was longer and required decent knowledge of how GCM works and also some amount of web development knowledge.

Today the market is flooded with ready to use solutions for implementing push notification like pushover, pushwizard, pushwizard and many more.

Today we will see the services of OneSignal i have used their services in various apps and they work pretty fine. The service is for all platforms web, iOs, android etc but today i will show the usage for only android

How to integrate their service with android studio can be understood from here : Documentation

The first step is to sign up with their website, can be done manually or via GitHub, Facebook etc. After this your greeted with a tutorial and the start page of your account, here you can

  • Click on the add a new app box to start the service
  • Give a name
  • Select a platform, in our case we choose Google Android(GCM)
  • Now we haveto generate the Google server API key the steps to be followed can be found here : Google server key documentation
  • After pasting the server key we will be asked for choosing a sdk, we need to select Native Android
  • Now using  Documentation we setup the android app and run the app
  • Click on the check subscribed users as soon as even one user downloads and installs your app (you may also run the app directly via android studio and test this feature) you will be able to proceed further
  • Now you can send notifications using the simple interface, there are alot of options to customize the notification like the sound, image, icon, blink led color etc
  • Using this service you can easily manage notifications for all your apps and analyse various reports it generates for you

    Thats all 😀 keep notifying !!

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